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Sunday, September 25, 2022

March for Life Rally

Join us in Hyde Park for the March for Life Rally. This FREE event features inspiring speeches from pro-life leaders, sharing how to stay involved in the pro-life movement all year long. The Rally will begin at 1pm.

March for Life

This is the main event! The March for Life will begin immediately following the Rally – usually around 2pm – starting between at Hyde Park. We will march peacefully to the steps of the NSW Parliament House.

Man holding a sign saying 'End Gendercide'
Woman holding sign saying 'Its a baby, not a choice, she deserves to have a voice'


Young woman holding a sign saying 'Love Them Both'

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 the March for Life Sydney will not be held in-person this year. Instead, join us for LIFE Summit 2021, a FREE online event with talks from experts on pro-life apologetics and pregnancy support. George Christensen MP will also be speaking on his Human Rights (Children Born Alive) Protection Bill 2021. This event is a great opportunity to equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to be active in the pro-life movement.

Registration is essential. CLICK HERE TO BOOK.

On 26th September, 2019 abortion-to-birth was legalised in New South Wales. The March for Life is a peaceful commemoration of this grave injustice. We call for justice for the unborn, for women and for all those harmed by this human rights violation.

The March for Life Sydney is an initiative of LifeChoice Australia.

The March for Life Sydney will be held at 2pm Sunday, September 25, 2022, at Hyde Park in Sydney. The March for life rally will proceed the march and takes place at 1pm.

September 26 is the anniversary of the legalisation of abortion-to-birth in NSW. The March for Life is held on the Sunday closest to this sombre anniversary each year, to stand up for the unborn who have lost their lives to abortion and the women it has left scarred.

The March for Life Sydney is a family friendly event! It has been approved by NSW Police, who will be there on the day, along with security and volunteers, to make sure everything runs smoothly and safely.

Make sure you dress appropriately for the weather and bring a hat, sunscreen, water and snacks. 

There will be a specially allocated space near the rally stage with wheelchair access and the marching route is wheelchair accessible.

The march is a 1.4km loop starting and ending in Hyde Park.

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